Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FJMGP joined Multi-Cultural Festival of Youth 2008

Multi-cultural Festival of Youth 2008
Sumiyoshi Ward Community Center in Osaka
October 13,2008

by: FJMGP-Osaka Secretariat
FJMGP and other Community Organizations Joined October 13, 2008 – One thousand peace advocators and expectators jam-packed at the Sumiyoshi Ward Community Center in Osaka.There were 17 VIPs from the Filipino Community, a Korean and two other Japanese local leaders. Twelve Peace Ambassadors were recognized representing various sectors and hundreds of families all queued to take part in this momentous event.

The Multi-cultural Festival of Youth 2008 with the theme: “Multi-cultural communitystarts with multi-cultural exchange youth,” celebrated family and partnership. As early as August, the organizing committee headed by Mr. Shinji Oki and otherFilipino community leaders gathered and tackled the possibility of consolidating efforts to bring about unity in Kansai.The affair was blessed with an overwhelming support from various sectors centering on three nations. VIPs, representative guests as well as youth speakers were invited:Ms. Yomoto Kinoshita (Korea), Fr. Michael P. Dulnuan (Philippines) and Ms. Haruka Okashita (Japan).FJMGP and other Filipino community leaders participated actively in the event. The program was divided into two sessions. The initial program was centered on theYouth’s speech; Peace Ambassador Awardees; and the Partnership Agreement.Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, GPF Japan Executive Committee Secretary-General,emphasized the role of the youth in this changing society.

On the other hand, Ms. Angie Obara, GPF Executive Committee Filipino Community Representative reiterated the opportunities the event offers and encouraged everyone to go beyond individual affiliations.“It is like mixing kimchi and nato ,” young Yomoto Kinoshita claimed, Korean YouthSpeaker. According to Ms. Salvacion Borja-Beltran, Peace Ambassador ManilaPhilippines, the first step is to be able “to extend our hand to the person next to us.”“And by embracing other cultures,” Fr. Michael P. Dulnuan (Takasago House ofWorkers) said we can indeed make a difference.Ms. Haruka Okashita also shared her dream of establishing a model multi-culturalfamily in Osaka wherein many people from different backgrounds can gather as onefamily. “My dream is to spread this model family from Osaka to the world,” sheclaimed. She said she will carry this spirit. Ms. Okashita believes that multi-culturalsociety starts from multi-cultural youth. She ended her speech by proclaiming that the youth can make this possible!The second part of the program was the Entertainment where the delegates displayed their skills and talents in singing, dancing, and many more to promote oneness.To conclude the event, a raffle draw was held as a token of gratitude.Nationwide, GPF is making its own mark in history. With many organizations slowly realizing the value of such affair, the foundation is getting bigger, wider every second of the day. Big events start with simple dreams. In Osaka, the marathon has just begun.

Special thanks to the following organizations:
Kobe International Baptist Church (KIBC)
International Youth Group Kakogawa
Himeji and Takasago Parish Council
Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ
4th Watch Osaka Local Ministry
International Family Friendship in Kansai (IFFIK)
Osaka Mabuhay Community (OMC)
Kadoma Philippine Friendship Association (KAPFA)
Metrobank Osaka Branch
Act Tourist, Co., Ltd.
Medcare Human
Filipino Japanese Movement for Global Peace Movement-Kansai

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